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Q&A: Medicare Supplement versus Medicare Advantage

In this Q&A, the's medicareblogger responds to a writer who would like to know if she should switch to a Medicare Advantage plan from her Plan J Medigap coverage.

Medicareblogger mentions that seniors benefit from Medicare Advantage because it gives them additional options for their Medicare coverage.  Many seniors opt for Medicare Advantage coverage because oftentimes "people don’t want to or can’t afford to pay a $229 monthly premium, and they can take the “pay as you go” option of Medicare Advantage."  While he states that even though one could afford to pay the $229 monthly premium of Medigap coverage, he or she should consider another Medicare supplement plan (if not Medicare Advantage) because Medicare benefits have changed to cover more benefits.  In other words, some seniors may be paying additional premiums for services they could be getting for free from Medicare.  The Q&A goes on to discuss prescription drug coverage.

Medicare beneficiaries typically only have until December 31 to add or change their Medicare insurance coverage, unless they are eligible for Special Election Period enrollment.

By medicareblogger - December 22, 2010
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