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Dental, Vision & Hearing

Dental Benefit

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a relationship between gum disease and health complications, such as stroke and heart disease.

Touchstone Health offers many free preventive exams and screenings! Preventive dental services include: up to one oral exam, one cleaning, and one fluoride treatment (every six months with no copays).

Comprehensive dental benefits included also included in Touchstone Health plans! Some examples of comprehensive dental benefits are root canals, dentures, crowns and extractions.

All of Touchstone Health’s plans offer preventive and comprehensive coverage. Benefits do vary by plan so the best way to check coverage levels is to look at the individual plans which can be found here.

As a Touchstone Health member, it is very important to choose a Primary Care Dentist by calling Member Concierge at 1-888-777-0204, TTY/TDD:711 Monday to Friday, 8AM-8PM; and then select prompt #2. Please note you must choose a Primary Dentist to receive your Dental ID card.

Hearing Benefit

A routine hearing exam is recommended for adults 60 years and older, at least once every two years. Touchstone Health members are covered for a routine hearing exam once every year with any Touchstone Health plan.

  • $0 copayment for up to one hearing aid(s) every three years
  • $1000 plan coverage limit for hearing aids every three years

To find a participating hearing provider near you, please call Member Concierge at 1-888-777-0204, TTY/TDD:711, Monday to Friday 8AM-8PM; and select prompt #5. Or click here to access a list of hearing providers.

Vision Benefit

Your vision is very important to your overall health. An annual eye exam helps maintain good vision. It is also an important factor in detecting the onset of other health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
The American Optometric Association recommends people ages 61 and older visit an eye doctor annually.
The Touchstone Health Vision benefit covers your annual routine eye exam at no cost to you.
$0 copay for:

  • One pair of eye glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery
  • Up to one pair(s) of glasses every year**
  • Up to one pair(s) of contacts every year**
  • Up to one pair(s) of lenses every year**
  • Up to one pair of frames every year**

$100 plan coverage limit for eye wear every year.**
To find a participating vision provider near you, please call Member Concierge at 1-888-777-0204, TTY/TDD:711, Monday to Friday 8AM-8PM; and select prompt #5. Or click here to access a list of vision providers.
**Every 2 years for Touchstone Health Prestige member
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Y0064_H3327_THPSMK_2462 Approved Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. is a Medicare approved HMO with a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug contract with the federal government and a contract with the New York Medicaid Program.  Enrollment in Touchstone Health depends on contract renewal.  Copayment, service area, and benefit limitations apply.  Members must use contracted providers to receive benefits except for emergency, urgent care, and out-of-area dialysis.
Information last updated 9/8/2014